Need to find information on an Italian company?

You’ll find it through EBR. All EBR information distributors provide direct online access to Italian company information.

Who is distributing EBR information in Italy?

The EBR service distributor based in Italy is InfoCamere.

To access the full list of EBR distributors please visit the Information Distributors page.

The National Registry

InfoCamere is the EBR member for Italy.

In 1993  the responsibility of keeping the Italian Business Register nationwide was assigned to the Chambers of Commerce who put it in place through InfoCamere, a consortium completely owned by themselves. InfoCamere ensures access to the Business Register and all the tools for company data transmission.

There are just over six millions companies in the Italian Business Register. These include:

1,200,000 Limited Companies
1,200,000 Partnerships Companies
3,700,000 Individual Companies