About EBR

Access to European company information

The European Business Register (EBR) is a network of National Business Registers and Information Providers from currently 25 European countries.

The EBR provides easy access to European company information online fresh from the source – each country’s official register. To start using EBR today contact an EBR Information Distributor.

Cooperation between National Registers

The EBR Information Sharing Agreement is the basis for cooperation between National Business Registers.  Registries in the Member Countries provide access to the data stored in their business registers.  Data from across Europe is then made available through EBR in standardised reports. Information distributors use software provided by EBR in accordance with agreed technical conditions.

13 EBR member countries are also members of the EBR EEIG, a European Economic Interest Group registered in Belgium and owned by its members.  These are: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden.

The EEIG manages the network of relationships and activities between information distributors, technical partners and national registries in EBR member countries.

A General Assembly is held twice a year and a board of 5 managers is responsible for the general management.

Current members of the EBR EEIG Board are:

Julian Lamb, Jersey
Marco Vianello, Italy
Mojca Kunšek, Slovenia
Ricco Dun, Netherlands
Øyvind Vågan, Norway